• Scented Wax Tarts - Mango + Papaya



    Discover the exceptional, easy-to-use home fragrancing PALM wax melts... Simply place in a wax warmer ( oil burners, aroma lamps) and light an unscented tea light. Mix and match scents to create your own personal aroma blends. They're also perfect for scenting drawers or cupboards ... anywhere they're stored. There's no wick and no flame to burn away any of the scent.


    Palm wax is 100% natural solid oil, without any chemical additives. Does not contain kerosene or other petroleum derivatives.


    Each pack will give over 16 hours of fragrance release and enjoyment!




    Color : Orange


    Size : dia 4 cm, high 1,5 cm


    Scent : Mango and Papaya


    Pack including 4 pcs of "chips".


    Materials utilised

    • Palm Wax
    • Fragrance Oil (USA production - FO is used also for the cosmetic products,has IFRA and EU certification and documents)
    • High quality candle colour (German producer)